What days are you planning?

Have lunch plans with an old friend on Tuesday? Company barbecue on Friday? Working Saturday this week?

What will you eat?

Use this to plan what dishes you'll eat each day. A lot of people like to think of meal planning in terms of "main dishes,", "side dishes," and "treats" or "snacks". Don't worry if this doesn't fit your style, the labels are just suggestions.

Don't know what you want? Let our team of crack experts plan it for you:

Love chicken wings? Plan a wing-only week:

main dish side dish treat or snack

What stuff do you need?

Unless you have a magic refrigerator, or pantry elves, ingredients won't just show up when you need them. Let's figure out what you need, what you already have, and what you're gonna need to get at the store.

What's in the Pantry?

Now that we know what we need, we can remove any items that we already have in the fridge or the pantry. Just click next to anything you don't need to buy at the store.


Here's your menu for the week, and a full shopping list:

Lunch Warrior is getting better all the time! If you like the help you get from Lunch Warrior, please subscribe to get updates about when cool new features become available. Some things we've got planned:

  • MORE RECIPES and menu options
  • integration with Walmart grocery pickup, Amazon Fresh, and Instacart to save you time shopping
  • save favorite mealplans for use later
  • generate meal plans based on criteria these (and others!):
    • low-carb
    • gluten-free
    • low-calorie
    • no cooking

Shopping list and menu generated at lunchwarrior.com. Come back next week. We're always adding new features to help you pack healthy, affordable lunches for you and your family.